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Suicide is a problem within the law enforcement community due to the daily stress and rigors an officer is subjected to.  To learn more, please view the Kenosha Police Department's newest video about Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention.  If you know of someone in need of assistance, please reach out to get the needed help.

Chief John W. Morrissey has released the Kenosha Police Department 2013 Annual Report.  Please check out the report to see what the Kenosha Police Department did in 2013.

To read about Wisconsin's Conceal Carry Law, click here.

The Kenosha Police Dept. Honor Guard is a member organization in the Wisconsin Honor Guard Association


The Build of a Kenosha Police Squad Car


Check out how one of our squads is built. Click here to see the video.

Media Releases



01/21/2014    Death Investigation

12/11/2013    Stabbing Update

12/06/2013    Homicide Update

12/06/2013     Stabbing

12/05/2013     Homicide Update

11/16/2013      Fatal Accident Update

11/15/2013      Fatal Accident

11/13/2013      Baby Death Investigation

10/29/2013      Bank Robbery

10/29/2013      Death Investigation Update #2

10/29/2013      Death Investigation Update

10/28/2013      Death Investigation

09/12/2013     Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Results

08/15/2013     Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign

08/10/2013     Child Death Investigation

08/02/2013     Prostitution Media Release

07/18/2013     Sex Offender Release - Potts

07/02.2013     Drowning Incident Update

06/17/2013     Drowning Incident

06/17/2013     Fatal Accident

06/11/2013     Fatal Accident

05/15/2013     Double Shooting Update

05/15/2013     Double Shooting

05/14/2013     Animal Cruelty

04/19/2013     Double Homicide Arrest Update

04/10/2013     Bank Robbery Update

04/09/2013     Bank Robbery

04/06/2013     Double Homicide Update

04/05/2013     Double Homicide

03/12/2013     Stabbing

01/16/2013     Missing Person Update

01/10/2013     Death Investigation Update

01/09/2013     Death Investigation

01/07/2013     Shooting Suspect Update

01/07/2013     Missing Person

01/04/2013     Child Death

01/01/2013     Shooting

12/19/2012     Bank Robbery

09/20/2012     Robberies Update

09/17/2012     Sex Offender Release - Gomez

08/31/2012     Shooting Update

08/31/2012     Bank Robbery Update

08/01/2012     Death Investigation Update - Chief Morrissey

07/23/2012     Death Investigation

07/19/2012     Death Investigation Update

07/12/2012     Death Investigation - Chief Morrissey update

07/11/2012     Death Investigation Update

07/09/2012     Death Investigation

06/13/2012     Death Investigation Update

06/11/2012      Death Investigation

05/22/2012     Homicide Update

05/21/2012     Homicide

04/23/2012     Bank Robbery

04/13/2012     Death Investigation Update

04/12/2012     Death Investigation

12/08/2011     Bank Robbery

11/08/2011     Booze and Belts

08/24/2011     Alcohol Enforcement

07/05/2011     Summer Heat Traffic Enforcement

07/02/2011     Drowning

06/20/2011     Release of Prisoner

06/16/2011     Stabbing

05/24/2011     Seatbelt Enforcement

05/12/2011     Sewer Grate Thefts

05/10/2011     Law Enforcement Memorial

03/03/2011     Alcohol Enforcement

02/15/2011     Sex Offender Release

12/03/2010     Alcohol Enforcement

11/23/2010     Speed and Alcohol Enforcement

11/09/2010     Halloween Video Update

09/29/2010     Automobile Accident

09/22/2010     Crime Prevention Seminar

09/20/2010     Stand Off Update

09/20/2011     Stand Off

09/07/2010     Death Investigation

09/04/2010     Halloween Video

08/11/2010     Speed and Alcohol Enforcement

08/09/2010     Crime Prevention Seminar

07/27/2010     National Night Out

07/27/2010     Cops and Kids Book Program

07/21/2010     Fatal Automobile Accident Update

07/20/2010     Fatal Automobile Accident

07/20/2010     Death Investigation

06/15/2010     Death Investigation

06/14/2010     Death Investigation

06/07/2010     Sexual Assault Update

05/25/2010     Sexual Assault Update

05/25/2010     Sexual Assault

05/14/2010     Click It or Ticket

05/11/2010     Law Enforcement Memorial

05/05/2010     Sexual Assault of Student

05/03/2010     Injury Automobile Accident

05/01/2010     Homicide Update

05/01/2010     Homicide/Suicide

04/13/2010     Speed Enforcement

04/07/2010     Fatal Motorcycle Accident

03/31/2010     Alcohol Enforcement

03/11/2010     Alcohol and Speed Enforcement

02/24/2010     Bain School

02/12/2010     Missing Adult

02/11/2010     Speed Enforcement

02/04/2010     Alcohol Enforcement

01/26/2010     Death Investigation of Child

01/22/2010     Traffic Grants

01/22/2010     Seat Belt Enforcement

01/12/2010     Bank Robbery

11/19/2009     Identification Card Scam

11/19/2009     Alcohol and Speed Enforcement

11/10/2009     Holiday Safety Presentation

09/10/2009     Robbery Update

09/09/2009     Robbery

08/21/2009     Alcohol Enforcement

08/19/2009     School Zones

08/08/2009     Stabbing Update

08/07/2009     Stabbing

08/05/2009     Homicide Update Third Suspect

08/04/2009     Stabbing

07/30/2009     Homicide Update Arrest

07/29/2009     Homicide Update

07/24/2009     Homicide & Robbery Update

07/23/2009     Homicide & Robbery

06/26/2009     Pinnacle

06/10/2009     Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

05/15/2009     Click It or Ticket

04/26/2009     Fatal Automobile Accident Update

04/25/2009     Fatal Automobile Accident

04/24/2009     Alcohol Enforcement

04/15/2009     Speed Enforcement

04/02/2009     Bar Fight

03/18/2009     Speed Enforcement

03/10/2009     Alcohol Enforcement

03/06/2009     Death Investigation Arrest

03/03/2009     Death Investigation Arrest

03/03/2009     Death Investigation Update

02/25/2009     Death Investigation Update

02/23/2009     Death Investigation

02/21/2009     Death Investigation

02/12/2009     Speed Enforcement

02/09/2009     Homicide Update

02/08/2009     Homicide Update

02/08/2009     Homicide

02/02/2009     Donation Scam

01/28/2009     Alcohol Enforcement

01/19/2009     Death Investigation

01/13/2009     Industrial Accident

01/08/2009     Southport Bank Robbery Update

01/07/2009     Southport Bank Robbery and Arrests

01/06/2009     Canine Drug Bust

12/30/2008     Speed Enforcement

12/22/2008     Fatal Automobile Accident


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