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Suicide is a problem within the law enforcement community due to the daily stress and rigors an officer is subjected to.  To learn more, please view the Kenosha Police Department's newest video about Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention.  If you know of someone in need of assistance, please reach out to get the needed help.

Chief John W. Morrissey has released the Kenosha Police Department 2013 Annual Report.  Please check out the report to see what the Kenosha Police Department did in 2013.

To read about Wisconsin's Conceal Carry Law, click here.

The Kenosha Police Dept. Honor Guard is a member organization in the Wisconsin Honor Guard Association


The Build of a Kenosha Police Squad Car


Check out how one of our squads is built. Click here to see the video.

Sensitive Crimes Unit

Sex Crimes

If you are a victim of sexual assault, you are entitled to certain rights and information. This document is meant to supply you with a number of referrals which may be of use. It also lists legal sources, restraining order information, and health care facilities. But most importantly, this document lists your rights as a victim of a violent crime. If you are confused as to your rights please feel free to contact The Kenosha Police Department at (262) 605-5200.

If you have been sexually assaulted and/or are in danger, find a safe place and seek assistance. As soon as posible, call the police by dialing 911, or call a local sexual abuse crisis center.


  • Find a safe place and seek assistance by calling the police, dial 9-1-1, or a local sexual abuse crisis center listed within this document. Do Not change your clothes, Do Not wash, shower, bathe, douche, comb your hair, or eat or drink anything. Do Not touch, move, destroy, or discard anything at the scene of the crime. This is important for evidence collection. The police and/or your local sexual abuse crisis center WILL assist you in seeking medical attention to determine and/or rule out internal injuries that you may not feel. By obtaining medical attention you can receive follow-up care for determining pregnancy and possible sexually transmitted disease. The police will gather and collect evidence from the crime scene, locate the suspect, and make an arrest if possible. Only hospital/medical persons will gather evidence from your person in total privacy at the hospital.  If you can recall anything descriptive about your attacker, write it down if possible. Include such items as: race, age, hair (facial also), clothing description, height and weight. If a car is involved it's make, model, color, year, and license plate are important as well as direction of travel when the suspect left. Provide witnesses if applicable. Your reported sexual assault will be investigated to its fullest extent and an investigator will be assigned to maintain contact with you throughout the investigation. 

Sexual assault is a crime. Sexual assault by someone you know, including sexual assault by your spouse, is a crime.  It is not your fault, you are a victim!


Domestic Abuse

Many victims of spouse abuse don't know where to turn for help. Some feel trapped in their situations because they feel dependent on their husband for financial support and sometimes emotional support. Also see Sexual Abuse.

Others tolerate the abuse and make excuses for their husbands such as, "he only does it when he's drunk, he promises he won't do it again, I still love him."

Other women blame themselves. They are only fooling themselves. No one ever has the right to assault another person. It is against the law and a violator is subject to jail and/or fine, as well as civil liability.

The police department will assist you in filing a complaint. You will be required to testify in court, and should avoid arresting a person just to "teach them a lesson", then later drop charges.

To stay in a violent environment is dangerous and could result in injury or even death in a "heat of passion". We understand how hard it sometimes is to leave a situation like this. But it may be necessary for your own safety. It sometimes takes a great deal of courage, but if there is a likelihood of you or your children getting injured you should leave.

Gone are the days when a woman's only job was to bare children and cook food. Today women have equal rights and opportunities and are able to be independent.

There are many agencies which can assist you with temporary shelter, counseling, or just someone to talk to. If you or your husband, are in the military, you can contact the on-base family services division.


Domestic abuse is defined as any of the following engaged in by an adult person against his or her spouse, former spouse, against an adult with whom the person resides or formerly resided against an adult with whom the person has a child in common:

  • Intentional infliction of physical pain, physical injury or illness.

  • Intentional impairment of physical condition.

  • A violation of s. 940.225 (1), (2) or (3).

  • A physical act that may cause the other person reasonably to fear imminent engagement in the conduct described.


  • If a criminal violation exists, you may ask the District Attorney to file a criminal complaint against the attacker (via the Police Department).

  • You also have the right to file a civil suit for losses suffered as a result of the abuse, including medical expenses, loss of earnings, and other expenses for injuries sustained and damage to property, and any other related expenses incurred by you or any agency that shelters you.


  • Kenosha Police Department, Detective Bureau - (262) 605-5203
  • Kenosha County Sheriff's Department, Detective Bureau - (262) 605-5102

  • Women's Horizons - (262) 656-3500, (800) 853-3503.  They also provide assistance for Restraining Orders that are available free of charge on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM and Tuesdays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  This is done at the County Court House 912-56th Street, room L36, which is the basement level.

  •  Department of Corrections, Bureau of Offender Programs, Sex Offender Registration  (608)240-5830.


  • Kenosha Human Development Services, 657-7188, 800-236-7188 (24-hour phone and face-to-face crisis counseling, information and referral for all community social services).

  •  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - 800-843-5678 or visit their website.

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